Adopt a Retired Greyhound

Box to the Wire Greyhound Adoption is a pro-racing greyhound adoption group that works closely with the racing industry to place retired racing greyhounds into permanent forever homes.

Box to the Wire Greyhound Adoption is here for you even after adoption, and can help with any questions you may have regarding your new friend.

  • Greyhounds make great apartment dogs.
  • Greyhounds do not normally bark.
  • Greyhounds are not high energy, all the time.
  • Greyhounds race because they love it.
  • Greyhounds are good with most children.
  • Greyhounds do not have an undercoat, less dander/odor than other breeds
  • Most Greyhounds can live with cats and/or small dogs very nicely.
  • Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog with speeds over 40 MPH in a short distance.

If you would like to adopt a greyhound, please complete contact us or visit