Tournament House Rules

  1. All Daytona Beach Poker Room rules will apply, except where specifically noted. DBRCC will follow TDA rules, unless specifically noted in the tournament house rules.
  2. A Players Card is required for all daily tournaments played at DBRCC.
  3. Players will be eligible for a full refund up until the start of the first hand of the tournament, or at Tournament Directors Discretion
  4. Management reserves the right to cancel any Tournament at any time.
  5. Players will have their seats randomly assigned by the Bravo system. Players may not request to sit on the same table or request a specific seat at the table. Management reserves the right to assign a certain seat number based on special needs or circumstances. Siblings, husbands/wives, etc. may be separated to protect the integrity of the game.
  6. Players who are not present at the start of the tournament may be re-assigned seats in order to keep the tables balanced and may be an alternate if no seats are available.
  7. Seat assignments can be approved at Tournament Director Discretion.
  8. Exposing your cards with action pending is a half lap penalty every time.
  9. Discussion of the hand, while hand is in progress even heads up could result in a penalty.
  10. All late entries/re-entries will receive a full starting stack, unless otherwise stated.
  11. Tournaments will allow unlimited re-entry for the full open registration period unless otherwise stated. Players must check in at the tournament table prior to the end of the registration period, or they will forfeit their chip stacks.
  12. Players may not Mutli-table.
  13. Players that re-enter may purchase any charity add-on’s available for the tournament.
  14. Any player who pays for their tournament entry before registration ends (alternates) will get into the tournament when a seat becomes available.
  15. Tournament seats won in cash games are non-transferrable unless otherwise stated. If a player would like to transfer their tournament ticket, they must follow all DBRCC transfer ticket policy rules.
  16. All multi-table tournaments must have a minimum of 10 players in order to run. SNG’s not included.
  17. Talking on your phone at the table is not permitted, texting is allowed unless active in a live Hand. See DBRCC House Rules.
  18. If a player throws his /her cards off the table, they will be subject to penalties. At Tournament Directors discretion.
  19. When wagering, intensions must be clear. If intensions are not clear we will make a decision based off of the fairness of the game, Floor discretion is advised.
  20. In no-limit, less than a full raise does not reopen the betting.
  21. Tournament will Follow TDA Rule on UNDERCALLS
  22. Players may not remove any DBRCC Tournament Chips from the tournament area or from the poker room at any time. If any player is caught pocketing chips, they may be subject to permanent eviction from the property as well as criminal prosecution.
  23. Table will balance within TWO players, if a table becomes THREE players short they will immediately get another player. Play does not halt at three players short; dealers are not allowed to move players at any time. This rule is at Tournament Directors Discretion.
  24. When paying ten or more spots in a tournament, tournament play will be hand for hand until the “bubble” loses and players are in the money.
  25. We Redraw for Final Table ONLY, at tournament Directors discretion for special events.
  26. In the event that a table is broken and there is not a seat for a player, 11 handed play is ok and at Tournament Directors Discretion.
  27. DBRCC Poker Room allows chopping, but is not responsible for any deals made by players. Players may not chop until there are 12 or less players per state of Florida regulations. Also once a tournament has chopped they are not allowed to play it out for a trophy or deal. Tournament is over once a chop is official.
  28. All tournament information is posted in the poker room including blinds, buy-in’s, starting units, dealer add-on’s, etc. Management reserves the right to change, alter, or cancel any tournament at any time.
  29. Seat Accommodations if made will be at tournament Directors discretion.
  30. By signing up for a tournament, you have given your permission to Photo Consent in Tournament Area.
  31. A valid Driver’s license is required to be paid out. If you do not have a valid ID your money will be withheld until you can produce proper photo ID.
  32. The floor person’s decisions are final.